Infographic on Digital Marketing in Real Estate

  • Suneil Chawla
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  • Published Date : 11 July , 2013
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  • Updated Date : 24 May , 2021
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Buying a home and talking about real estate prices is a popular topic over coffee. The Real Estate Industry in India, and Chennai in particular, is growing rapidly with new developments in the heart of the city and many suburbs becoming a part of the city. Developers and Aggregators provide a lot of information online to increase awareness of their new projects and help us make the right purchase decision. The above infographic provides information on the digital and social media activities of Indian Real Estate Developers, with a special focus on Chennai.

As the infographic points out, almost 49% of the companies are not leveraging the digital media to boost their business and hence loosing out a huge opportunity to leverage their offline business.

Some of the developers covered include Prestige Developers, Vijay Shanthi, BBCL, Ceebros and Akshaya. Watch out for the next infographic in the Real Estate Space, which will cover best practices in online media by Global Real Estate companies. You can also read our complete guide for digital marketing for real estate for more information.

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Ankit2015-04-27 < Reply

Very good Infographic about Real Estate Industry. The above provides clear information about on the digital and social media activities of Indian Real Estate Developers.

Arun2015-03-12 < Reply

Very nice infographic. Modi goverment launching various affrordable properties in metro cities with the help of ppp to provide a shelter to economy class under the aim of housing for all 2022. I think this particlular housing sector has huge opportunities both for developers and consumers.