My Internship Experience- Akshaya Balasubramani

  • Akshaya Balasubramani
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  • Published Date : 12 June , 2017
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  • Updated Date : 24 May , 2021
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When I heard about the internship offered by Social Beat, something inside me clicked. I jumped at the opportunity to delve into the world of digital marketing. To know more about Social Beat, the first thing I did was go through their website. The quirky “Meet the Team” page and the very cool "Social Beat Turns 4!!"  video on their Facebook page sealed the deal for me. I have always wanted to keep the creative side of me alive and kicking. So, after the interview with Rohit Uttamchandani, I was elated hearing the news of me being selected for the internship.

To be honest, the actual internship experience exceeded my expectations. After four years in an IT consultancy and one year of rigorous MBA, the internship at Social Beat was a refreshing change. In my two months here, I was able to put the writer inside me to a test and in the process, I also learnt a lot.

The content marketing team is a very dynamic team and works on everything from static content to incredibly creative blogs and even video content. Being a part of the team, I received a lot of constructive feedback and support which helped me soften the rough edges of my writing skills. From how to frame your content for a varied Target Audience to how to be meticulous with your proof readings, my learnings from this team was immense.

Surrounded by stalwarts like Rohit and with a very talented guide like Nandita Raman, I was able to learn a lot about content marketing and SEO. The weekly content ideation meeting I had the privilege of attending, was an eye opener. Being ahead of your competitors in a fast-growing industry such as digital marketing is not easy, but the SEO team does it with panache.

I also had a chance to work with other members of the Social Beat team such as Pournima Balasubramanian from the UX team, Radhika Chhabria from the Influencer team and Roshni Chhabria from the Social Media team. All of them had one thing in common – they all put me at ease right away and made sure that there were many takeaways for me.

Last but certainly not the least, the most amazing thing about Social Beat is the very warm and welcoming work environment. From the cosy bean bags to the very amiable colleagues, this was an experience that I will never forget.


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