My Internship Experience At Social Beat : Harsha

  • Vimal Michael
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  • Published Date : 2 January , 2020
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  • Updated Date : 17 January , 2022
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    • 2 min read

Internship is the most stressful period in any student’s college life, but my experience with Social Beat has changed the whole mindset of it. I joined Social Beat three months back and I have learnt a lot in this period. In these three months, I have not only learnt about HR functions but also how to handle people around you.

The team is very welcoming and they always give the opportunity to learn and implement your subject. The culture of the organization is very different from other organizations where I have interned; they have a very warm and energizing environment. This helps any intern to explore the subject as well as their other interests.

The HR team with whom I interned always treated me as one of their team members and did not hesitate to teach or to assign any task. The team is very supportive and helps you to learn and understand your subject. They always give you space to work according to your preference and also gives you the liberty to learn from your mistakes. The team makes sure that your style is exhibited in your work and does not restrict you to work in a particular manner. When I compare my previous internships with the present one, I can see myself learning a lot in terms of my subject. 

The team always encourages their interns to think out of the box, and helps them to act upon it. They are always open for any discussion, which can be with anyone from the team. They have freely adopted an open door policy, where everyone is approachable including the founders. In fact, I’d say Social Beat is the perfect example for exhibiting open door policy. This has helped me interact with different team members, and have an insight on digital marketing as well.

This internship is a valuable one as I have learnt to prioritize my work, be independent, and also pay attention to my values and follow them. I am thankful for this internship opportunity and it has been a great experience working at Social Beat. 

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