My Internship Experience At Social Beat : Harini

  • Vimal Michael
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  • Published Date : 13 July , 2019
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  • Updated Date : 24 May , 2021
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    • 2 min read

I interned with the content team for a brief period of time. As a biology student in school and college, writing was something completely new to me, especially professional writing. I walked into Social Beat clueless about the field but with the hope and willingness to learn anything and everything that was required of me. The team was completely supportive and helpful. They taught me everything from scratch. Be it how a blog has to be constructed, basics of SEO to effectively use various tools to make your work better. Coming up with new blog topics every month was challenging but opened my mind to think wider,  giving me different perspectives of different things. Writing blogs moulded my thinking and organizing abilities. Working on meta descriptions and static content taught how to be concise and impactful while communicating. Not to miss the creativity involved in our work, which cannot be taught but brought out of an individual. 

Special mention to Ayesha, Rhea and Nandita for having given me the opportunity and shaping me as a person, both personally and professionally. They have been instrumental in bringing out my skills and creativity. From correcting small mistakes to giving valuable feedback, they played a critical role in improving my work every day. They gave me the space to rectify my mistakes by showing the right path to hone my work. Also, they helped me identify what my strengths and weaknesses were in terms of work, which helped channelise my learning in the right direction.

A big thanks to the team to have given me the chance to try, learn and improve in every aspect of the work. Special thanks to all other content and SEO team members who were always there to help whenever I needed. I have learnt something new from everyone here!

The sessions and interactive events in Social Beat opened gates for me to get to know different people and what other teams do. These sessions gave me an idea about different aspects of digital marketing and appreciate the efforts of other teams. My overall internship experience was great and I enjoyed working with the team. Again, a big thanks to the entire content and SEO team who made my tenure fun and valuable. This internship will always remain extra special to me as it paved the way for my first job as a content specialist in Social Beat!

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