My internship experience – John Suhaan Appasamy

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  • Published Date : 2 March , 2018
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  • Updated Date : 24 May , 2021
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I first heard about Social Beat through my uncle, who happened to be working there as the Head of Branding and Strategy. I had been searching high and low for a good place to do my college internship for a few months and after reading and hearing so much about Social Beat all over social media, I figured I should take up the opportunity to intern there and signed up to intern with the Content and SEO team.

I already had about a year’s experience of working part-time, writing blogs and handling social media for a photojournalist in Chennai. I was also pursuing my Bachelor’s in Journalism at Madras Christian College. Working at Social Beat showed me that whatever I had done so far was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to writing and digital marketing. I got into the game on my first day and realised that there was so much more to creating content than just writing a couple of paragraphs for a blog, publishing it and calling it a day.

Over the course of my internship, I learned how to ideate, research, write, publish and maximise the exposure of the content that I was creating. In other words, I learnt how to make content bigger, better and much more visible to readers on the web. I also learnt about software like Google Analytics from training sessions and the Chit-Chat meetings, and how useful they could be in boosting the views and ratings of content published online.

The attitude of the people here and the work environment was extremely amazing and it is rare to find companies like Social Beat that have fun employees and a positive, productive work environment. I had no idea about digital marketing and wasn’t really that interested in the idea before joining Social Beat. After the internship, my attitude towards digital marketing and knowledge of the subject and field has changed for the better.

The office wasn’t all work though. We had many fun moments during the birthday celebrations, the team lunches, the Christmas celebrations and the 5th-anniversary outing to Wild Tribe Ranch. Chatting with friends while working or during lunch made the days really fun too. Most of the people I’ve met here are really humble and good folk who made my internship extremely enjoyable. I am glad to have worked and interacted with each and every one of them.

I found great mentors in Nandita Raman and Ayesha Rafeeq, who oversaw my work and gave me the best and most valuable advice and help. They were always open to clearing my doubts and gave me very constructive feedback for my work, which in turn helped me improve my skills by leaps and bounds.

I found great friends in Rhea and Ashika (my teammates on the Content Team) and people from other teams like Boobalan, Sankar, Prachi, Druhi, Sundar, Akshita, Natasha, Sanjana, Srinidhi, Shradha, Pournima, Bavadharini and many more. Many of the Heads like Suneil, David, Anuradha and Vikas were extremely helpful and supportive and always gave me great advice and help whenever I needed them.

I have always felt welcome at Social Beat and I’m glad that I chose to intern here. This experience has helped me grow not just as a working individual but also as a person. I wish nothing but the best for everyone there and I hope that the company continues to grow and reach further heights. Thank you, Social Beat, for an amazing internship experience.

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