Popular Influencer Marketing Campaigns in India

  • Abhishek Kumar
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  • Published Date : 11 May , 2015
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  • Updated Date : 24 May , 2021
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The latest buzz word in the digital marketing world that is steadily catching up with brands is ‘Influencer Marketing’. Western companies have leveraged this strategy of marketing for the past few years and the trend is quickly catching up with Indian brands as well. Brands in India have actively come up with successful influencer campaigns for the past 2-3 years.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a term that has risen from the realization of brands about the power, peer influence and customer recommendation has over other forms of marketing. Especially in a time, where consumers have started using social media in huge numbers and have been public about their views about brands and products. Brands have realized that people are largely influenced by second-hand information from opinion leaders and this has led to a lot of brands identifying top influencers in their respective fields to try and reach out to consumers better.

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Prasenjeet2016-01-09 < Reply

Indeed, on realizing upon the sudden paradigm shift of people on social platform in India companies started targeting top bloggers over different social media platforms for product/brand promotion by creating an anticipation among their influencers. And since then only a lot of influencer marketing platforms have come online to connect the brands with the top influencers from various categories over different social media platforms.

Akshay Gupta2015-05-20 < Reply

Good piece of article and nice idea to share your marketing strategies... It would have been better if you guys could have shared a little infographics or insights of the campaigns. Thanks, Akshay

Social Beat2015-05-21 < Reply

Thanks for the feedback Akshay. We shall try and incorporate it next time.

Sathya2015-05-18 < Reply

Nice article and as a influencer in your several campaigns i must say you are really doing great. Regards Sathya

Social Beat2015-05-19 < Reply

Thanks for your feedback Sathya. Appreciate it.

Joy Infant2015-05-15 < Reply

Nice piece !! Just been debating this at length, finely discussed cases and quickly transported to individuals sites replacing banners :)

Bharathi2015-05-15 < Reply

The emerging concept of influencer marketing has a huge impact and this article sheds light on the influencer marketing which was the back bone for the entire campaign to go viral. It is high time that firms switch to influential marketing to save their space in business as it works better than conventional advertisements. Thanks for sharing this article.

Social Beat2015-05-18 < Reply

Thanks for your feedback Bharathi & Joy