Why your website is not delivering results?

  • Vikas Chawla
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  • Published Date : 16 April , 2013
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  • Updated Date : 24 May , 2021
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An interesting article written on this subject highlights why many small and medium businesses have not been able to leverage their websites and online presence.

The first and most important thing is that the websites are not responsive or compatible across platforms (PC, tablet, smartphones, mobile etc). Consumers are increasingly browsing the internet on the go even in India. This means the websites should be accessible and viewable on any device.

The second finding from the study is even more revealing. Almost 80% of businesses do not feature their social media properties on their website. Social virality starts only when there is a critical mass in social media. Only if website users and traffic from the website is targeted towards social media, the critical mass can be reached.

The study also shows that not all websites call out the email address, phone number or contact form (if necessary for the business)  clearly on the homepage or header/footer. Print and TV advertising have already shown us that a strong call for action is required and the same is true for the web as well.

Finally, websites seem to be lacking Search Engine Optimisation. Most websites have over 35-40% traffic coming from search engines and now increasingly from social media, emails and affiliate marketing. This means search engines and Google in particular should be the first place to start for building traffic to the website. Its not just off page SEO that is missing, but basic onpage SEO that is lacking in many websites.

So when are you going to move to a a search engine optimised responsive website with a clear call to action?

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This is wonderful information. Would like to know more!