The Madras Song

  • Vikas Chawla
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  • Published Date : 18 August , 2014
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  • Updated Date : 24 May , 2021
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In 1639, a Nayak ruler handed over a small strip of land to the East India Company to build its trading warehouse. Little was known that it would lay the foundation for one of the historic cities of India in years to come.

22nd August, 2014 would mark the 375th anniversary of Chennai, earlier known as Madras. As part of the 375th anniversary celebrations, the Murugappa group has launched the #TheMadrasSong to celebrate the occasion & give a fitting tribute to the history, tradition, and culture of this city.

Check out the song that captures the soul of Madras:

In fact, the Murugappa group has planned a notable month-long campaign to celebrate the 375th year with already underway contests such as #FavMadrasMemory Map & photo contest, daily Madras trivia and the upcoming Murugappa Madras Quotient Quiz 4th edition on 6th September.

#FavMadrasMemory Map app that asks people to mark the spots that has given them their fondest Madras memory, has turned out to be very popular among the citizens here. It gives them a chance to reflect back to the memorable times spent in the city.

This is the time to be in Madras and enjoy the city at its best. Umpteen other events have been planned across the city such as quizzes, heritage walks, photo exhibitions, lectures, etc. Social Beat is proud to be associated with the #Madras375 Celebrations.

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ArnabDe2015-08-05 < Reply

fantastic songs . kindly send me the lyric of the Murugappa madras songs and mp3 link .purposes of compose duet version in bengali.

r.angel diana sweetline2014-11-29 < Reply

i like this song very much this is our annual day song i want to download this song but i cant.

Social Beat2014-12-02 < Reply

Hey Diana - you can send an email to and the song can be sent to you once you specify the purpose of it.