My Internship Experience At Social Beat : Divya Meena Babu

  • Vimal Michael
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  • Published Date : 13 October , 2019
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  • Updated Date : 17 January , 2022
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    • 3 min read

When I was interning at Social beat, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. It was my first time coming to an office every day and all I wanted to do was learn. I interned for about 3 months with the video team before becoming a full-time employee. I’d like to thank my mentor Ananyaa who guided and taught me everything - from how to ideate, how to coordinate, to giving writing exercises and literally making me realise my true potential.

One month into the internship, I developed an interest in scriptwriting and wanted to focus on that. The next two months, I worked on honing my script writing skills. I learnt everything from how to write without any grammatical errors, how to shorten sentences, and how to visualize. I also had the chance to face the camera for Social Beat’s youtube channel “Arrear Irundalum Career ''. My internship was definitely a learning experience that led me on a successful career path. It taught me to be confident, work independently, be organised, prioritise my work, manage my time efficiently etc.

I also wanted to thank my team manager Divya Ram for being warm and supportive from the time she interviewed me and then on. I still remember the day I told her that I was worried I wouldn’t get the chance to work here. She has always been there whenever needed help or guidance or had doubts about the simplest things.

Apart from work, I really love the people and work culture at Social Beat. They are really friendly and welcoming. The game nights, hangout sessions and the movie nights are great avenues to communicate and bond with the team members. I also look forward to the chit-chat sessions every month where they celebrate our work and talk about our learnings.

One of the things that I really love about being in the video team is that you have the freedom to go crazy with your ideas, think out of the box, be as creative as possible. They are always open to new ideas and trying out new things which gives me the motivation to be better.

Overall, my 3 months of internship is an experience that has shaped me in more ways than one. It helped me discover my creative side. It was really difficult at first but after hours of research and a better understanding of the target audience, I am a lot more confident now. In fact, I am really excited about what new ideas I can bring to the work that I do and learn more every day. I’ve grown as an individual and a professional and it was made possible with Social Beat.

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