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My Internship Experience – Sanjana Chordia

  • Team Social Beat
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  • 1 July , 2018
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    • 2 min read

As a design student, I interned at Social Beat for a month, and I am happy I decided to work here. I interned with the design team, and this is my first time working in an office. The office is at Social Beat is very relaxed, and my mentors gave me a range of tasks. Knowing just the basics of design tools, I was thought the various other tools and their uses. Social Beat enabled me to think outside of the box, and this made me come up with better ideas for the clients I worked with. I also got to interact with the Social Media team, and the Influencer team. My mentor Nithin helped me understand the tools inside out, which made my creative better. I would also like to thanks Purushothaman sir for always guiding me and stressing the importance of values in the workplace. Additionally, I also learned the importance of time management and being organised.

Although I was there for just a month, the entire team made me feel welcome and was friendly to me. I particularly enjoyed the games night that the team has and the chit-chat session, where we celebrate the work the all teams do. It is beneficial and helps you understand what is going on. I also got to be part of the training session. The first one was on Wa-Com, where I learned how to sketch and make, and the next was on the basics of After Effects, which was helpful.

This Internship was a valuable learning experience for me because it gave me independence as well as a sense of responsibility. Overall, my time at Social Beat exceeded my expectations and taught me various values. I couldn’t have done anything better this summer other than joining Social Beat, which let me prepare myself better for the future. As I leave, I want to thank everyone who helped me learn. It has been a great experience, and I am forever thankful to everyone who gave me their hand here.

My internship experience – John Suhaan Appasamy

  • Rhea
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  • 2 March , 2018
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    • 3 min read

I first heard about Social Beat through my uncle, who happened to be working there as the Head of Branding and Strategy. I had been searching high and low for a good place to do my college internship for a few months and after reading and hearing so much about Social Beat all over social media, I figured I should take up the opportunity to intern there and signed up to intern with the Content and SEO team.

I already had about a year’s experience of working part-time, writing blogs and handling social media for a photojournalist in Chennai. I was also pursuing my Bachelor’s in Journalism at Madras Christian College. Working at Social Beat showed me that whatever I had done so far was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to writing and digital marketing. I got into the game on my first day and realised that there was so much more to creating content than just writing a couple of paragraphs for a blog, publishing it and calling it a day.

Over the course of my internship, I learned how to ideate, research, write, publish and maximise the exposure of the content that I was creating. In other words, I learnt how to make content bigger, better and much more visible to readers on the web. I also learnt about software like Google Analytics from training sessions and the Chit-Chat meetings, and how useful they could be in boosting the views and ratings of content published online.

The attitude of the people here and the work environment was extremely amazing and it is rare to find companies like Social Beat that have fun employees and a positive, productive work environment. I had no idea about digital marketing and wasn’t really that interested in the idea before joining Social Beat. After the internship, my attitude towards digital marketing and knowledge of the subject and field has changed for the better.

The office wasn’t all work though. We had many fun moments during the birthday celebrations, the team lunches, the Christmas celebrations and the 5th-anniversary outing to Wild Tribe Ranch. Chatting with friends while working or during lunch made the days really fun too. Most of the people I’ve met here are really humble and good folk who made my internship extremely enjoyable. I am glad to have worked and interacted with each and every one of them.

I found great mentors in Nandita Raman and Ayesha Rafeeq, who oversaw my work and gave me the best and most valuable advice and help. They were always open to clearing my doubts and gave me very constructive feedback for my work, which in turn helped me improve my skills by leaps and bounds.

I found great friends in Rhea and Ashika (my teammates on the Content Team) and people from other teams like Boobalan, Sankar, Prachi, Druhi, Sundar, Akshita, Natasha, Sanjana, Srinidhi, Shradha, Pournima, Bavadharini and many more. Many of the Heads like Suneil, David, Anuradha and Vikas were extremely helpful and supportive and always gave me great advice and help whenever I needed them.

I have always felt welcome at Social Beat and I’m glad that I chose to intern here. This experience has helped me grow not just as a working individual but also as a person. I wish nothing but the best for everyone there and I hope that the company continues to grow and reach further heights. Thank you, Social Beat, for an amazing internship experience.

My Internship Experience – Nikhar Aggarwal

  • Nikhar Aggarwal
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  • 10 July , 2017
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    • 2 min read

Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Blogs, Marketing, MBA, Analytics, meeting new people every day. If your life revolves around these or if you want it to revolve around these, then Digital Marketing is the pick! With my choices completely in sync with the above description, I was super excited about getting a campus pick at Social Beat for my internship. Never been to the south before, and having my first MBA internship at Chennai I was a little sceptical. But with a lot of positivity, hopes and eagerness to learn something new, I arrived the office on 10th April.  The day 1 began with the introduction of the company and the first plunge into the world of digital marketing. The induction continued for 2 days. Everyone whom I met was so humble, knowledgeable and so sweet, ready to help, no matter how occupied they were - right from the co-founders, Suneil and Vikas to everyone at Social Beat. From that moment onwards I got the feeling that it’s going to be one amazing journey.

Reluctant, whether they would give me some big clients to handle or I would end up doing just backend work, as is the assumption, I gladly failed! Right from the start, they gave me work for some great clients and thereafter there was no looking back. Anuradha, my mentor, trusted me completely and provided me with a flavour of every vertical possible. There was so much to learn from her. The composure to tackle different clients, the one-stop solution for every creative idea that you need. It was brilliant ideating with her on business development proposals like Skore. It didn’t stop there. My learning and experience doubled under the guidance and support from my mentor part II, Roshni. With similar working style and so much more in common, it was a cake walk for me. I learnt the basics right, handled a few clients and explored digital marketing to great extent with her, together trying many new features – a never ending process. I was lucky to work with many-many members of the company, be it the content team, designers, social media team, SEO and Ads team. Interaction with each one of them was unforgettable.

I never knew this field could be so vast yet so interesting. I guess my love for digital marketing has just increased by leaps and bounds with this internship. This journey at Social Beat became altogether more special, thanks to my life support here – Srinidhi, Ashish, Parvathi, Akshita, Antriksh, Roshni, Nandita, Ayesha, Sanjana and the list is endless. Will miss the rooms 287, 298 and 338.

A special thanks to Suneil and Vikas, for trusting me with my work and giving me the opportunity to make business development proposals and do research for various clients. They have been the best bosses ever!

Thank you Social Beat for making this experience oh-so memorable and full of new learnings. Will miss this company, the company where people never sleep, where people fulfil all their dreams !! ?


My Internship Experience – Niagha

  • Niaga Rajesh
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  • 1 July , 2017
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    • 3 min read

Being someone who was born and brought up in Chennai, I was excited to be able to spend 2 whole months in the city, doing something I’m passionate about in an agency that has an amazing vibe, culture and work ethic. Needless to say, a large part of me was very nervous and anxious on my first day at Social Beat. Setting that aside, I was also excited and curious to see what was in store for me. Currently pursuing an MBA in Communication Management from Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune, I was looking forward to putting all the knowledge gained so far into play as much as learning new things from the organization.

The internship period began with a two-day induction process for all interns where we were given a brief understanding into the various departments at Social Beat and how they go about their work. This process was extremely useful as it was able to bring me on par with how things function here. To break the ice, we had a Pani Puri challenge at the end of the induction process which was a lot of fun even though I barely managed to eat 7!

I believe I got extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to work for a company that gives you the freedom to explore and expand your creativity, something not all interns are given the liberty to do so. The work culture and environment is extremely warm and comfortable and what is amazing is that everyone across teams is very approachable. Not one person hesitated to take few minutes out of their busy schedules to help me with a proposal I was working on or simply educate me on their expertise. A big shout out to Sundar, Bindhya and Pournima for this.

The internship was a great learning experience as I got to work on interesting clients such as Forum Fiza Mall, Aura Events, India Home Health Care, TVS Motor Company, Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes etc. Being under the Social Media Marketing team, I got to develop campaign ideas and content posts for their social media pages. Aside from this, I had the chance to make pitch proposals for exciting brands such as Altis Properties, Feathers Hotel, Leela Palace – Goa, and much more. Life is all about getting out of your comfort zone, pushing yourself and expanding your boundaries and Social Beat enabled me to do just that. On that note, I’m not big on writing blogs but I managed to write one for the website and I consider that a big win.

Learning a textbook version of digital marketing does not have any effect unless it’s put to work and practised. At Social Beat, I was able to dive deep into the field and understand how ads were made on Facebook and Google and the attention to detail that’s given to content, targeting, scheduling and the budgeting as well. I learnt that there is so much that goes in the back end of Google Adwords, SEO, Content Marketing, Website design and Pitch Proposals than just what the book says.

The Monday review meetings, Friday Chit-Chat, help bring the team closer to each other and on the same level on each other’s work. This blog would be incomplete if I didn't mention the birthday celebrations at Social Beat. Apart from the delicious cake (I’ve had enough for a lifetime in the 2 months I spent at Social Beat), the idea of having everyone around to celebrate your birthday with is quite a memory to hold on to.

Lastly, I would like to extend my gratitude to Vikas for giving me this opportunity and for the guidance and support especially when it came to proposal making. Krithika Ramani, for training and giving me the space to make mistakes (I don’t think I’ll ever go wrong with FB ad targeting again) and learn as well as pushing me to my maximum limit and finally for being my first and best mentor ever. I would also like to thank Lalitha, Sandhya, Allan, and Kanthi, for their valuable inputs and for so easily accepting me as one of their own.

Social Beat is a good place to work and they are driven towards achieving their goals. The hustle is always on. I’m taking back so many valuable learnings in the field of digital marketing and amazing memories of client meetings, ideating, drafting proposals, review meetings, tea breaks, lunches at 291, birthday cakes and friends for a lifetime! Thank you, Social Beat.


My Internship Experience- Juliet Sachika Antony

  • Juliet Sachika Antony
  • |
  • 26 June , 2017
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    • 2 min read


Marketing has always been my passion. I was curious to learn more about digital marketing, which made Social Beat the perfect choice for my first internship! On the first day of my internship, I was filled with excitement to learn something new and something I was completely unaware of. That excitement hasn’t faded even after the last day of my internship!

Truth be told, I was a little nervous about the work etiquette and culture at Social Beat. However, all my anxiety shattered within a few days of working and interacting with my colleagues here. The best part about Social Beat is the work culture; the team works together, interacting as friends and with less regard for their supremacy in position. This really made me feel comfortable. Being an intern at Social Beat, I always had the privilege of expressing my thoughts freely and with confidence. I was encouraged to voice out my ideas.

As a mere user, I never gave much thought to Facebook ads and campaigns. Two days into the induction, I came to know that there is a whole process for every single post that goes live. I learnt the importance of “attention-to-detail”, every single post had to be proofread and meticulously checked over and over again as it was about to viewed by a wide range of interactive audience.

Social Beat helped me discover my creative side. Though it was difficult at first, constant research and a better understanding of the target audience helped me do a better job.

I had the pleasure of working with one of the most dedicated persons in Social Beat. One of the biggest reasons I enjoyed my internship was because of working with Farida and Ashish. They helped me at all times and cleared all my doubts. Farida helped me take my first steps in the virtual world of marketing. I would also really miss my mates from Room No.298; Srinidhi, Ashish, Bhumika and Akshaya, for they always guided me and made my work more enjoyable.

Social Beat is a great organisation to work for. I have penned down only a little of what I learnt. There’s so much I learnt in Social Beat apart from the Social Media Marketing and I would really miss this place. I would like to thank everyone in Social Beat who made these two months memorable.

My Internship Experience- Akshaya Balasubramani

  • Akshaya Balasubramani
  • |
  • 12 June , 2017
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    • 2 min read


When I heard about the internship offered by Social Beat, something inside me clicked. I jumped at the opportunity to delve into the world of digital marketing. To know more about Social Beat, the first thing I did was go through their website. The quirky “Meet the Team” page and the very cool "Social Beat Turns 4!!"  video on their Facebook page sealed the deal for me. I have always wanted to keep the creative side of me alive and kicking. So, after the interview with Rohit Uttamchandani, I was elated hearing the news of me being selected for the internship.

To be honest, the actual internship experience exceeded my expectations. After four years in an IT consultancy and one year of rigorous MBA, the internship at Social Beat was a refreshing change. In my two months here, I was able to put the writer inside me to a test and in the process, I also learnt a lot.

The content marketing team is a very dynamic team and works on everything from static content to incredibly creative blogs and even video content. Being a part of the team, I received a lot of constructive feedback and support which helped me soften the rough edges of my writing skills. From how to frame your content for a varied Target Audience to how to be meticulous with your proof readings, my learnings from this team was immense.

Surrounded by stalwarts like Rohit and with a very talented guide like Nandita Raman, I was able to learn a lot about content marketing and SEO. The weekly content ideation meeting I had the privilege of attending, was an eye opener. Being ahead of your competitors in a fast-growing industry such as digital marketing is not easy, but the SEO team does it with panache.

I also had a chance to work with other members of the Social Beat team such as Pournima Balasubramanian from the UX team, Radhika Chhabria from the Influencer team and Roshni Chhabria from the Social Media team. All of them had one thing in common – they all put me at ease right away and made sure that there were many takeaways for me.

Last but certainly not the least, the most amazing thing about Social Beat is the very warm and welcoming work environment. From the cosy bean bags to the very amiable colleagues, this was an experience that I will never forget.


My internship experience – Lavanya

  • Lavanya U
  • |
  • 6 June , 2016
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    • 3 min read

On 4th April, I stepped into Social Beat's office with a lot of excitement and curiosity. The excitement because it was my first internship experience in a digital marketing firm and curiosity because I didn't know what to expect. But well, it was worth the curiosity I'd say!

Although I had a fair knowledge of digital marketing (thanks to my Undergraduate), I didn't know the process behind the whole scenario. Facebook post was just a post until I came here. Never did I know so much planning goes behind each and every published content. Leave the content, even each and every word. The execution part was the only thing I could see from outside not knowing that an entire team dedicatedly works for it. Now I know a Facebook post is more than a post!

The best thing about Social Beat is that you get all the freedom to put in your creative brain and work on your ideas. There is no restriction in the depth that one can go in creating and bringing up new things in work. In fact, we even have ‘Idea Adda’ sessions every Thursday where the entire team sits to discuss on new ideas and brainstorm on it. It is a great platform to show innovation in the work! The entire team sticks really well and no one was hesitant to clear any doubts that I had even if it was silly! They were all more than welcoming to help me anytime with any work even when it was not delegated by them. To bring in the team closer, Social Beat has ‘Chit-Chat’ sessions every Friday where we interact and try doing something out of our work. They even had something new by trying out a market survey in Express Avenue, luckily in the time I interned.


This experience has let me learn and experience a lot of things. Firstly, it brushed up my writing skills. Though I write blogs, it was all personal and only here I learned the art of writing for a brand. I had successfully completed few blogs for clients. Secondly, creativity. I was not aware that I can be this creative until I researched and thought about campaigns for clients. Thanks to my guide, Lalitha for the huge support! Thirdly, work culture. As I mentioned how good the work culture is, it is a great thing that my first work happened here. As they say, few drops make the ocean, I can’t put into words what all little things I got out of the whole experience, but the effect and importance of those are huge!

Social Beat is a great place to work. The way the work flows to deliver good results is something I learned the most. The people I worked with personally were one of the kindest to not just help me out in work but also made sure I liked what I was doing. After two months of one awesome experience I had, I would definitely miss the place. Be it the sudden meetings, the team lunches, review calls, client experiences, everything will be missed.

Thanks, Social Beat.

My Internship Experience – Freddy Thomas

  • Freddy
  • |
  • 1 June , 2016
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    • 3 min read

After having worked in a service based MNC with more than 2 lakh employees, coming to social Beat for an internship was refreshingly different. The biggest advantage is that you get to know everyone that you work with. The work becomes easier when you know them in person. The best part is that you know the reason why you are doing a particular task, especially compared to the state where you come to office to do a particular set of specific functions assigned. In that case, you only care about certain part of the workflow.

From a student’s perspective, this was a huge learning experience for me. For a person like me who thought that digital marketing is all about Facebook posts likes and comments, this stint changed my opinion completely. My learning curve is exponential. Hence, the takeaway is huge. As they say, the best way to learn it is by doing it. Now I realize that campaign design, website optimization, content marketing, influencer marketing, SEO, adwords, proposal making, branding, Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are more than what it meets the eye. These 8 weeks of internship has given me a sound platform to develop and research further in this field.

The work culture is the finest. This is because everyone takes ownership. No one puts a limit to your freedom and method of thinking. You are given the freedom to work on your idea. You have the room to make mistakes and learn from them. You have the room to keep your individuality intact without compromising on what the client wants. I could easily see that everyone is aware of the work-flow or the entire cycle of client servicing. There is no room to tell others that I belong to social media department and hence I do not know how it works in business development or the designing side.

Realizing that there is a huge scope for self-improvement is one of the greatest qualities of an individual. Maintaining the hunger for one’s own passion is a great skill, which enables you to grow. Both the above-mentioned quality and skills are inherent in Social Beat. This organization looks for improvement in the existing process and the focus is not just on numbers.

The weekly review meetings, the Friday chit-chats and the brand building activity -‘Digital chai pe charcha’ are extremely good trends, which the company has started and is the backbone of the organization. I wish everyone had their birthday on a working day. Warm celebration in the presence of the entire organization is indeed a memory worth freezing in your mind.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Suneil and Vikas for their guidance and support. Anuradha, for being the best mentor I could ever have. Lalitha, Allan, Aishwarya, Krithika, Roshni, Abhishek, Subramaniyam, Ravi, David, Panisa and Vimal for their inputs and love.

Rohit, Nandita, Kruthika and Priya for the Saturday lunches. Mohan, Karthi, Purushothaman, Hari, Pournima, Bindhya and Shobhana for their warmth.


My Social Beat Internship Journey – Maryna Holubenko

  • Maryna
  • |
  • 28 September , 2015
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    • 4 min read

Having lived in Ukraine all my life, I traveled to India to take up an internship. Through AIESEC, an organization that provides young people global internship and volunteer exchange experiences, I joined Social Beat about five months ago and have had the best experience. Social Beat is a digital marketing company founded in 2012 by two brothers, Vikas Chawla and Suneil Chawla. Although the company is just three years old, it is already one of the leading full-service digital agencies in India with a young, friendly and progressive team.

The company has five teams: Web Development, Design, SEO/Advertising, Social Media and Business Development. I worked in social media and partly in business development. I created content strategies for clients in different verticals including hospitality, real estate, entertainment, healthcare and ecommerce. I attended client events and wrote articles mainly for customers from Chennai. I can say that I’m exploring the city through the brands I handled.

I am the only foreign intern in the company and all the team members are friendly and everyone kept me informed about what the other teams are working on. At Social Beat, we have review meetings every Monday and on Fridays we gather around and chit chat about new trends in the digital marketing sphere. Even as an intern, I had opportunities to express and implement my ideas and the team always had my back. I also got to witness some of the interesting projects that Social Beat has been a part of. With Influencer marketing catching up fast in India, Social Beat has built a platform called Influencer, which will help shape the opinions of your brand using the most influential people amidst your potential customers. Social Beat is one of the pioneers in India, who has created a platform to attract bloggers and successfully offers it as an additional option for clients.

The other project I was part of was the Startup Walk. Startup Walk is a city-wide, open house for technology companies and Social Beat was a host company in it. Participants got the opportunity to check out the spaces, get acquainted with startup culture, meet the founders and get a behind-the-scenes look at the most innovative companies in Chennai. I got to interact and meet CEOs and it was an exciting assignment for me. At Social beat, the philosophy is work hard and party hard and I got to do just that. One of the brightest memories of my internship was the wedding of my boss and Co-Founder Vikas Chawla. As a little surprise, my team and I put together a dance performance. It was a lot of fun during practices and I really enjoyed learning Indian dance.

I also organized a fun activity for my colleagues and peers at Social beat, where I did a photo session and asked them to show five emotions (happiness, anger, surprise, thoughtfulness and craziness) and created a collage. It was really interesting to see how each person expressed different emotions.

I definitely know that I'll miss our office talks, group dinners where everyone shared their food. This has been an incredible experience that took me up to a new step of my professional development, I met wonderful people and discovered incredible India.

Before coming here, I had heard several stories about internships and life in India for foreigners. I knew that I will get some culture shock seeing people sleeping everywhere, surrounded by garbage, crazy traffic on the roads, cows walking on the streets and monkey stealing your things (but there are no monkeys in Chennai and I hardly saw any cows). However, my stint in Chennai was extremely memorable and exciting. I met new people and got to do a lot of things. Along with my boyfriend, I even shot for a couple of movies as a tourist. Hopefully you can all see me in “Iraivi” and “Kabali” even after I leave this beautiful country. People here are really kind and if you are a foreigner visiting India, be ready for lots of photos with Indians who like to grab you and take a selfie with you. So come to India and you will get an opportunity to feel like a star :)

Bidding Farewell to Abhishek with 140 Pani Puri’s

  • Suneil Chawla
  • |
  • 27 May , 2013
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    • 2 min read

To bid farewell to Abhishek, who was at Social Beat for a 2 month internship, the team went for a Pani Puri competition, thanks to Abhishek's inspiration whose earlier record is 85 pani puri's. So, 6 of us crowded around the pani puri wala at Gangothree on RK Salai, Chennai. Ofcourse, no surprises that Abhishek won the competition with 35 pani puris, with a total of 140 puris being consumed by the entire team. Gangothree was visibly happy :)

On a more serious note, Abhishek played an integral role in many initiatives including the Social Media Survey. Quoting Abhishek "The past 2 months has allowed me to grow immensely as an individual as well as a professional. The realities of the business world is immensely different from the classroom learnings. It was the first thing I learnt here while working for our clients. The immense exposure that i received in the course of 2 months involved direct client pitches, closing contracts, managing accounts for existing clients, delivering results for clients, participating in networking events; you name it and I have done it. Social Beat has shown me the result oriented approach for its clients."

Abhishek wanted to share his experience with the Social Beat team "The whole team worked and bonded together as one big family, whether it was parties or outings, every moment was special and memorable. And how can i forget the farewell party that ended with the awesome Paani-poori competition and I would be humble enough to mention myself as the winner :). I can say I could have never dreamt of a better internship. When I look back now, I wish the summers would not have ended."

Social Beat is glad to have had Abhishek over and wish him all the best for his future endeavours.