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Top Third-party Data Management platforms in India

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Businesses in India Growing Rapidly with Third-party DMPs:


In India, businesses rely on insights from data management platforms to make informed decisions based on facts, trends, and statistical reports. However, with huge amounts of data gathering from the market, it can get difficult to store them. 

Hence, third-party data management is the solution.

Third-party data management collects digital information from various sources such as websites, apps or plugins. External parties will give the organisation rapid access to the main B2B and B2C data suppliers through the use of third-party data providers. As a result, you will get vital audience data for the business. You can use this data to curate personalised content that your target audience will find engaging. Several businesses in India are able to save time and money by adopting a third-party DMP platform. 


What is a DMP Platform and why is it important for businesses?

Every business or organization needs audience data to understand the audience’s preferences and to improve their customer experience. This is where data management platforms (DMP) come in. A data management platform is the backbone of marketing technology that provides a unified platform to store data related to advertising and marketing. This audience data is collected from a variety of first, second, and third-party sources. Using a third-party data management platform will help us to create a segmented audience.

Importance of a DMP Platform

  • It helps companies to manage available data and organise them effectively. 
  • It helps companies to understand the importance of audience data.
  • It provides companies with a clear picture of their target audience that helps them to attract relevant customers. 
  • It helps companies group customer data based on similar characteristics and compares them with their existing customers.
  • It helps companies to constantly improve on their data management process. 
  • It helps companies to prevent money wastage.


Top 7 Data management Platforms for business growth

The Top data management platforms in India are:

  • Lotame
  • Salesforce
  • Nielsen
  • Oracle
  • Taboola
  • Zeotap
  • Zapr


1. Lotame:

Lotame is a global data management platform that provides data from various sources such as mobile apps, campaign data, blogs and CRM tools. Lotame increases customer engagement and unifies data. It helps marketers to create a segmented audience based on demographics, buying behaviour, location and interests. Lotame is best for advertising agencies and marketers for industries such as finance, automotive, CPG, Retail, Travel, and hospitality.

Cost of activation:

The cost starts from $1.00 CPM per segment as a base price. In addition, the CPM price differs with business needs. Contact Lotame DMP (Data management platform) for further details.

Lotame key features

  • 1st-Party Data Integration.
  • 2nd-Party Data Integration.
  • 3rd-Party Data Integration.
  • Offline Data Integration.
  • Mobile Data Integration.
  • Data Export Tool.



  • Combine audience data from any source.
  • Direct access to 2nd and 3rd party data.
  • Customer engagement on the right device at the right time.
  • Insights on audience demographics, behaviour, and interest.
  • Prevent ad waste with frequency capping.


2. Salesforce:

The Salesforce DMP platform, previously known as KRUX, is an excellent third-party DMP for marketers to build customer relationships at a more granular level by capturing, unifying and activating data across multiple touchpoints. Salesforce uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide complete customer data to users. It helps in retaining existing customers through engagement strategy and also brings in potential prospects. 

Cost of activation

The cost of activation differs with business needs. Salesforce has customised pricing for sales, marketing, analytics, experience, success and many more streams. Contact Salesforce DMP (data management platform)for more details. 


Key features of salesforce

  • Target Audience Segments
  • 1-to-1 level Engagement
  • Complete Customer Data Profile
  • Consumer Data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  •  Device Graph
  •  Unlimited Event-Level Attributes
  •  Trusted Data Sources
  • ·Data Algorithms
  •   Peer-to-Peer Data-Sharing
  •  Actionable Insights


  • Building data profiles
  • Collection of data
  • Storing of data
  • Centralize data
  • Withdraw Insights for new data


3. Nielsen:

Nielsen Marketing Cloud is a remarkable piece of software for managing, modifying, activating, and analysing audience data. Nielsen DMP has over 60,000 audience groups and allows users to do journey analytics. It delivers targeted advertising and content across all paid and owned marketing execution channels. It gives you a unified view of your clients across all platforms, including offline, online, and mobile. It gives you access to your first-party consumer data as well as the Nielsen audience data collection to help you build precise insights across thousands of consumer behaviour factors.

Cost of activation

The cost starts from $0.75 CPM per segment as a base price and also the CPM price differs with business needs. Contact Nielsen DMP (data management platform)for further details.


Key features of Nielson

  • Audience Segmentation
  • Behavioural Analytics
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Customer Data
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Data capture


  • A single view of the customer in offline, online, and mobile channels
  • Access to first-party as well as Nielson set of data
  • Insights of thousands of different customer attributes


4. Oracle:

The Oracle Bluekai DMP is an online, offline, and mobile marketing platform built on cloud-based Big data that provides better results with greater ROI rates. Oracle Data, a 3rd party data management platform, has the flexibility to sell, buy and share data. BlueKai is well-known for efficient integration with third-party platforms. This is also the 2nd largest global platform and is easily accessible to over 300 partners. Marketers may benefit from users’ information on platforms, devices, and domains with high precision. It offers marketers a favourable outcome by delivering campaign data accurately from many platforms, devices, and domains.


Cost of activation:

The cost starts from $0.75 CPM per segment as a base price and also the CPM price differs with business needs. Contact Oracle DMP platform for further details.

Key features of oracle

  •  The Data Management Platform.
  •   Mobile Data Management Platform.
  •  The Audience Data Marketplace.
  •  Audience Analytics Suite.
  •  The BlueKai Partner Program.


  • Data enhancement in Selligent Marketing Cloud’s platform with third party data for better audience segmentation in omnichannel marketing campaigns.
  • Data Enhancement in BlueKai from campaigns in Selligent Marketing  Cloud’s platform.



5. Taboola:

Taboola is a 3rd party DMP platform that provides various types of audience lists from the data provider with a predicted cost per acquisition. Taboola DMP offers its services to advertising agencies, brands, and all businesses. Taboola data management is very transparent and easily accessible to the data of the best companies, Also the performance-based payment for the data when the customer clicks on it and locates the product, content, and landing pages by the data provider you chose.

Cost of activation

Cost starting from $1.00 CPM per segment as a base price and also the CPM price differs with business needs. Contact Taboola DMP for further details.

Key features of Taboola

  •  Retargeting.
  •  Predictive Engine.
  •  Always In Control.
  •  Revenue From Native Advertising.
  •  Maintains Editorial Control.



  •  Ads on top best sites.
  •  Wide range of audience over 1 billion.
  •  Unique and Relevant Engagement.
  •  Achieving marketing goal.
  •  Business Growth through leads and conversion.

6. Zeotap:

Zeotap is in partnership with adobe solutions DMP which makes the Zeotap high-quality segments. Zeotap proven On measured demographics On-target percentage and other key performance indicator data are exceeding up to 6 times market benchmark. Zeotap has an integration with Adobe audience manager and adobe audience data marketplace. Zeotap makes it easier for the advertiser to collect the data of the current audience. Zeotap identifies its relevant audience and predicts customer behaviour better with its customer intelligence for the company.  Zeotap offers accurate and verified data with a wider approach for brands to achieve their objectives. Over 1 billion quality data to achieve or overachieve clients from the campaigns run. Zeotap is best for brands, publishers and data partners.

Cost of activation

Cost starting from $0.50 CPM per segment as a base price and also the CPM price differs with business needs. Contact Zeotap DMP for further details.

Key features of Zeotap

  •  Behavioural Analytics.
  •  Customer Profiles.
  •  Customer Data.
  •  Data Matching.
  •  Data Capture.
  •  Data Quality Control.
  •  GDPR Compliance.


  • Enabling 360-degree customer view.
  • Unified high-Quality data.
  • Offline and online worlds.
  • Predictive behaviour model through machine learning.


 7. Zapr:

Zapr DMP provides offline and online media consumption-based audience engagement data from Granular Tv and mobile viewership. Over 1000 audience segments for every brand. Zapr works for the media industry such as media owners, broadcasters, advertisers, research companies, and end consumers.

Cost Of activation

Cost starting from $1.25 CPM per segment as a base price and also the CPM price differs with business needs. Contact Zapr DMP (data management platform)for further details.

Key features of Zapr

  •  Audio-content recognition.
  •  Digital signal processing.
  •  Mobile advertising technology.


  • Tv Viewership insights
  • 360-degree perspective
  • Reducing marketing Inefficiencies


Finally, choosing the right DMP for the company is important for better ROI . Select the right data aggregator which has a very strong understanding of your business and operations. Buying the Best DMP from the market needs lots of research. First, check the potential DMP provider from the website and contact them directly. Start talking about the marketing needs and the company’s vision, and get a demo version of the DMP. 

While choosing a data management platform, remember to choose one that provides:

  • Return on Investments (ROI).
  • Quality data management.
  • Parents/child Architecture.
  • Audience insights and profiling.
  • Campaign optimization.
  • second-party data marketplace. 
  • Access to third party data.
  • Flexibility in storing data.
  • Smooth customer service 

In today’s business world every company needs to find an audience that is relevant to their business and collect data that will help in growth from marketing spend. Choosing the right data management platform will help avoid data wastage and provide better visibility of the audience across all the platforms.


Lotame Global unstacked Data Solutions

Lotame helps in the collection of data from anywhere and use it in the DMP for audience segmentation. You can select a specific audience to depend upon the demographics, interest, and action you want to target. Get a 360-degree view of audience attributes and behaviour of the consumer purchase. Lotame understands all your business needs with a consultative approach that gives better returns and solutions. Lotame is best suited for marketers, agencies, publishers, and media companies. With Lotame a leading health insurance company got an increase of 93% of customer acquisition. Media corp, a well-known media company in Singapore got a 570% increase in CTR with many other benefits. Last but not least choosing DMP with good customer service provides customer satisfaction which is what Lotame stands for.

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