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Top-5 social media campaigns of the year 2014

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As the year 2014 draws to an end and we heartily welcome 2015, we bring to you the list of top 5 social media campaigns of the year 2014 that created a huge buzz for all the good reasons. Here goes the list:

  • #RiceBucketChallenge – the Desi Tadka to the #IceBucketChallenge

When the #IceBucketChallenge was trending across the world, a journalist from Hyderabad, Manju Kalanidhi, had different ideas brewing in her mind. Instead of wasting water in a country where there is a scarcity of this essential life resource, why not do something that attempts to feed the millions of poor and hungry. The challenge put forth by Manju on Facebook required friends to cook or donate one bucket of rice to poor and hungry in the locality and post a picture on Facebook / Twitter doing the same with the hashtag above. Within 4-5 days, the page had more than 40,000 fans and 35000+ mentions. Even celebrities like Priyanka Chopra came out in support of this noble campaign.

  • Maggi – #HealthyIsEnjoyable Campaign

When one of India’s favorite noodles brand launched a new, healthier variant – Oats Noodles, they had a tremendous task of spreading awareness about this healthy variant amidst the frenzy for its other cousins. They cashed effectively on the Selfie craze – asking fans to tweet their Selfie having breakfast with the hashtag #HealthyIsEnjoyable. Daily 10 winners were announced, each winning the monthly supply of Maggi Oats Noodles. The campaign reached 2 million+ fans and had an increase in brand engagement by more than 50%*.

  • Quickr – Buyers & Sellers ka Perfect Matchmakers Campaign

Quickr, one of India’s most reputed online classifieds, leveraged content marketing to the fullest for their Diwali campaign “Buyers & Sellers ka perfect matchmakers”.  Quickr encouraged customers to blog about their shopping experiences via BlogAdda resulting in immense customer engagement & boost to the traffic to the website. The campaign was extremely successful as it cashed in on the festive shopping season and customers didn’t mind blogging about their experience as they were rewarded with cashback offers and other prizes, resulting in huge buzz creation online.

22nd August, 2014 marked the 375th anniversary of Chennai, earlier known as Madras. As part of the 375thanniversary celebrations, the Murugappa group has launched the #TheMadrasSong to celebrate the occasion & give a fitting tribute to the history, tradition, and culture of this city.

The digital campaign for the song involved a multi-channel campaign, right from evocative content such as Madras Trivia, engaging contests and apps like the Madras Favorite Memory App that asked people to vote for their favorite spot in Madras. The entire campaign was a big success that allowed the video to garner 2.5 lakh+ views on YouTube. You can view the song here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAqtE4KdJL8

  • P&G – Gillette #MyRoleModel

Procter & Gamble launched the #MyRoleModel campaign for Gillette during Father’s Day. With the target being men between ages 15-45 years, the campaign asked the father-son duos to put shaving foam and share their Selfie to win exciting prizes. The standout factor for the campaign was the 360-degree approach with even the TV Commericals sporting the hashtag. The blogger partnerships were leveraged in a big way to spread awareness about the campaign, which was endorsed by Mr. Dependable-Rahul Dravid.

Note: Other campaigns could have made to the list and missed out narrowly based on considerations of organic virality created.

Real Estate a big hit at GOSF – Social Beat featured on the NDTV Property Show

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Indians seem to have become increasingly comfortable making high-value purchases such as apartments and plots of land online – if the stats of the recently concluded Great Online Shopping Festival are anything to go by. The GOSF turned out to be a big hit amongst real estate developers, as can be seen in this story on the NDTV Property Show which has Social Beat’s Rohit Uttamchandani featured in it:

Real Estate at GOSF 2014:
Here are some of the key stats from the shopping festival which indicate that real estate seems to be well on its way to becoming a mainstream ecommerce commodity:

  • 36 real estate companies including Tata Value Homes, Brigade Group, Purvankara Developers, Artha Property and Provident Housing were part of the event. This is as compared to just two developers being part of the previous edition in 2013 and none in the festival’s maiden edition in 2012.
  • Real-estate company Brigade Group recorded its first sale at 1am, an hour after the GOSF was opened.
  • Real estate developer Puravankara sold over 125 homes within the first 12 hours of the shopping event and had 507 online bookings over the 3- day period.
  • Tata Value Homes secured over 10,000 registrations for their homes across five projects in Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad and Boisar near Mumbai.

For more information on the changing landscape of real estate, read our complete guide for digital marketing for real estate.

Stats Source: The Times of India

Social Beat Influencers & Bloggers Meet in Chennai

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Riding on the social media wave, #Influencer #Marketing has emerged as the next big thing. We have also recently launched our new initiative for Influencer Marketing in India which can be seen at www.influencer.in. In this context, the Social Beat Influencers’s Meet was held at the Hotel Vestin Park today. The guest list included content marketing experts, bloggers and social media influencers, as follows:

  • Mr. Rajasekar, Head – Content & Social Media marketing, Bharat Matrimony
  • Naveena Vijayan, Sub-editor, The New Indian Express
  • Sarath Babu, Twitter Influencer & Blogger
  • Shrinidhi Hande, Travel & Lifestyle Blogger
  • Pari Vasisht, Food & Home Blogger
  • Balaji Vijayaraghavan, Co-founder, Insightz Media Pvt. Ltd.

The agenda revolved around content marketing, its evolution and future trends. The key discussion points that came up for discussion are briefly mentioned as follows:

  • Content Strategy for blogs: With content marketing driving businesses, brands who haven’t taken to blogging as a marketing medium are missing out. According to Mr. Rajasekar, Head of Content Marketing at Bharat Matrimony – blogging by brands should not just revolve around lead generation in the short-term. The blog strategy should have a 360-degree approach whereby they should look at brand-building as well as providing relevant information to the readers who can be their future customers. This is a long-term strategy that can yield multi-fold returns for their efforts.
  • Key goal of influencers: The influencers need to develop a niche for themselves in their area of  interest, like lifestyle, travel, etc. Apart from various monetization opportunities, it also gives them a chance to establish themselves as an industry or domain expert.
  • Monetization of blogs: If you have an excellent blog, then you can look forward to monetizing it easily via various ways like collaboration with brands and Google AdSense. Google AdSense is an advertising program that works based on relevant content targeting. For example, in case a food blogger activates the AdSense program, then ads related to restaurants, food, etc. shows up next to the blog posts.
  • Freedom of speech working with brands: The freedom of speech issue discussed was one of the key points discussed. When bloggers work for brands, there is an important question involved – while reviewing a product, a blogger has a responsibility towards his readers but when one is paid by the brands on the other side to review the product, do you have the freedom to write about the cons? What should be done in such a case of conflict in interest? The panel was of the view that it’s ultimately the readers who should be the priority in the above scenario, as they have a responsibility towards their followers.
  • Creating the DNA in organizations to take user feedback from social media and implement policies: When brands go online, it is a double-edged sword. While it makes it easier for brands to reach their customers, it also opens an easy way for their customers to share their feedback in the public space. While good feedback is welcome, but negative feedback is dreaded by many brands. The discussion brought about an important aspect that it’s not the negative feedback that matters, but how you handle them. The organization’s DNA should have the ability to quickly handle negative feedback and improve the organization. Once a negative feedback is addressed appropriately, the now-converted happy customers will be the biggest brand ambassadors for their brand.

The meet ended on an enthusiastic note with demand for more such events in Chennai. We are equally excited about the next Influencer meet. Watch this space for more updates.


Social Beat celebrates its second anniversary with a fun team outing

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Apart from 12th of December being a Friday & the birth day of Rajnikanth & Yuvraj Singh, we all had one more special reason to celebrate this day! It was the second anniversary of Social Beat, the brain child of Suneil Chawla and Vikas Chawla, who dreamt of creating a digital agency that is creative & can deliver strong business results.

In two years, we have grown into a 20-member team handling 75+ clients, keen on exploring new challenges everyday and building a strong-hold in sectors like e-commerce, entertainment, real estate & healthcare. Our journey has been really exciting so far and we are happy to be stepping into the third year of making history in the digital space.


Social Beat Anniversary

Celebrations at ECR

Team Social Beat headed to East Coast Road, Chennai for a day filled with fun activities and chilled-out conversations. Getting to know the people you closely work with, trolling them, bringing out their hidden talents were some of the most memorable highlights! Not to forget the team building exercises / games that helped us realize our team potential and identify areas of improvement.

Digital marketers at war

Dealing with a client or being in the digital space is more or less like going to war at times. But if you want to know what it really feels like, take your team out for a Paintball game.  And guess what, you also get to shoot that annoying team member or even your boss for that matter (Nah, I’m kidding. Or maybe not. *evilgrin*)

After a series of battle rounds, team Red emerged as the winners of that league match. Only to burst their bubble soon enough, they played with paintball organizing team themselves who defeated them in seconds!

Beach Episodes

Post the numerous fun activities which included Ball in the Air, Ping Pang Pong, Tug of War, Paint Ball, etc. we headed to the beach to get some fresh air & relax. The enthusiastic women brigade of Social Beat went on a photo-clicking spree, post which the Social Beat team played some Beach Volleyball!

Social Beat Anniversary

It was indeed a memorable day for all of us at Social Beat, as it was not just fun-filled but also improved the team’s bonding, co-ordination and brand ownership. We aspire to grow big & better in the years to come and here’s wishing ourselves some good luck for continued success & happy clients!


The Social DNA – 5 tips for healthcare marketing on social media

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In the constantly evolving digital space, social media has undoubtedly become the nuclear weapon of mass persuasion. Social media analyses huge number of people with tremendous levels of information, the places they go, the people they talk to, their connection, and activities they are interested in.

Recently, social media began to elope with the healthcare vertical, successfully abducting the elements of marketing the same – something that social media has been adept in. This act has caught the attention of a vast pool of healthcare businesses which are on a constant poach to tap its potential, trying to deploy a team internally to manage the same.


The 5 social media tips listed below will help healthcare businesses, acting as a compass to claim the treasure of maximum potential in healthcare marketing.

Don’t wait for an ambulance. Pull your super-car out of the garage!
Though many believe that social media is a temporary trend, the fact is that it has pulled the handbrakes for the next decade and beyond. The sooner your organization seat belts on a super-car and accelerates itself to an active presence in social media, the less chances it will face to summon and wait for an ambulance to rescue it.

Fill the preoperative form
Establish a social media policy that will protect your business against security and privacy breaches. Mandate the policy and educate all your staff regarding the same through training and outreach programs. This is to make sure that all your staffs are able to fully comprehend and carry out the policy.

Trial your medicine
You don’t have to prime an elaborate social media plan in the start. Remember that social media is a medicine which is potentially going to improve your business. So test the medicine by starting small and monitoring the outcomes. Based on the results, ask what your business should be doing to maximize the outcomes by leveraging social media to accomplish your key healthcare goals.

Formulate an antidote
Customers are the antidote to cleanse your business through social media. Follow them, listen to what they are talking about your products/services, and your business as a brand. Monitor your competition on social media and listen to what they are saying about themselves. This will make you alter your communication to your customers, in a more effective manner.

Deploy medication
Commission a social media team with members who have a good knowledge on social media and its tools. Pick people who are internet-savvy and are excited about the using social media in the healthcare domain, to benefit your organization. Through time, this will be the medication that will determine your existence in the digital universe.

Market real estate online to increase leads

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Marketing real estate online is known to have shown a phenomenal increase in the number of leads(by~ 300%*) that property sellers have opportunities to convert as current buyers or as potential buyers for future projects. Since, buyers want a more personal buying experience on high monetary value purchases, B2B businesses or even businesses selling higher value products achieve greater impact on branding and lead generation from marketing than directly on sales.  This is true to real estate selling, where all the marketing is directed towards generating leads, than on direct conversion

Real Estate Digital Marketingi The following are a few reasons why going digital marketing for real estate has had a greater impact for sellers

Lifestyle patterns of Key Demographic segments: Property buyers are now relying more on online, than on newspapers and other mediums to gather any information that can help make their purchase decision.  This a definitely a true phenomenon when it comes to the metro cities where the target buyers are all hooked on to their smart phones, laptops and tablets. It’s more the “Pull marketing” than the push that seems to be working for this new generation of home buyers.

Cost Effective: Most of the push marketing strategies such as “full- page” advertisements in newspapers, previews in TV and advertising in movie halls cost a lot of advertising rupees. Although they do capture some mindshare and help in brand awareness, they completely fail in executing an immediate “call-to-action”.  Also, there are no clear measurable outcomes of the advertising money spent, to keep the ROI to the optimum. Online marketing strategies on the other hand,  are more cost effective-  they are both targeted and measurable. Both social media outreach and online paid adds reach the right category of target audience- age group, tastes, geography etc. with a dual intent of creating brand awareness and driving prospective buyers to make inquiries

Branding Online is Personal:  Reaching out to the target buyers and building an emotional connect on a one to one basis, especially when it involves high value purchases such as homes is imperative. social media serves as a potent channel where the prospective buyers can be educated about the brand, as well as guided through the process of purchasing a home. The emotional connect develops by having a mix of both formal and informal conversations with buyers, thereby creating a brand image that understands the sentiments of its buyers, rather than just hard selling the property

Burgeoning Third Party Platforms in Real Estate Domain: There are various third party platforms today that cater to helping the property buyers and sellers to make prudent purchase decisions by facilitating comparisons or serving as one-stop shop for educating the buyers and sellers about the various trends, pricing and newer developments in the domain. To name a few of them- Magic bricks, 99 acres, India Property, housing.com, etc.  Integrating existing robust digital presence (website & landing pages), including an active social media presence with third party platforms, is making conversions much faster and easier.

Measurable conversions:  Digital marketing allows to measure the value derived from each peny spent on the advertisements and on digital assets such as websites and landing pages. The key / basic three measures are

  • Registrations/ inquires on Websites and Landing pages
  • Traffic on Website
  • Path of Traffic

An uplift in the first two measures is indicative of the success of the digital campaign and the last measure “Path of traffic” allows to understand where the targets are arriving coming from. This measure allows modifying and enhancing marketing plans to achieve maximum ROI.

* Results from Digital Marketing Activities of Social Beat Client

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