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Economic Times Real Estate Conference & Social Beat

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The Economic Times – Real Estate & Digital Conference in New Delhi, is still a month away (27th June), but the interest has started building among the digital agencies, real estate companies and marketing professionals. And why not, considering how digital media has revolutionised marketing for real estate developers. It is true that real estate is something which you purchase after physical verification, but the first step in the purchase funnel starts with a Google search or a click on a social media ad. In fact, the next step of narrowing down on choices is made online. Digital Marketing has a very important role to play in terms of lead generation. Actually, the ROI for digital media is better when compared to print media for real estate marketing. It has opened up huge opportunities in terms of an efficient leads-oriented ROI-based marketing but the path is not easy in this highly competitive industry. Several challenges lie ahead as the real estate industry goes through a paradigm shift in their marketing strategies.

With this as the backdrop, the Real Estate & Digital Conference – Future Perspective – New Delhi, will be a real eye-opener for everyone associated with the industry. When you want to discuss the digital media and real estate, you don’t get a better mix of industry experts than Marketing Gurus, Digital Marketers to Developers. The speakers’ list comprises the likes of Shailesh Rao (VP-Twitter), Brotin Banerjee (MD, Tata Housing) and Vikas Chawla (Co-founder at Social Beat).

Some of the key program highlights of the conference are:

  • Re-inventing digital marketing strategies to bring the buyer back
  • Content – the game changer
  • Benefits of leveraging social media content in the real estate industry
  • Why buyers are going digital: Crowd-source feedback and buy intelligently
  • Digital in real-estate: future perspective 2013-14
  • Real estate digitally yours: best practices and success stories

Apart from the above discussed highlights, you would not want to miss out on the informative discussions around the real estate industry best practices for digital marketing, Real Estate case studies and in-depth panel discussions. If you are in New Delhi for the Digital Marketing for Real Estate India Conference, we would be glad to meet you. Please drop us an email at team@socialbeat.in.

Indian Premier League on Twitter – Sporting experience goes digital in a big way

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Pepsi IPL 2014 Twitter

Indian Premier League 2013 was special right since Twitter and IPL announced their partnership to give the IPL fans a real-time interactive experience. But being an experimental one, it was not able to offer the complete experience like what IPL Season-7 has offered in 2014. The trailblazing partnership offered a complete seamless experience across air, ground and online.

With a huge fan base of approximately 230 million users, the wide range of new interactive features added this year, kept this large base of fans grossly engaged. Real-time interactive features such as #IPLMagic, #IPLSelfie, #TwitterMirror, Twitter IPL Calendar has allowed the cricket fans to be engaged throughout and generate greater frenzy for both, IPL as well as Twitter. Features like IPL Pulse that allows spectators at the stadium to get their tweets featured on the big screen and IPL Selfie contest has turned out to be real hot property among the fans.
As the season draws to an end, it is worth mentioning that it is definitely going to leave a void in our lives. The daily anticipation for the matches, continuous engagement across platforms and frenzied passion across the two months of IPL is unparalleled. At this fag end, let us look back and see how the IPL-mania on twitter panned out this season.

The total #PEPSIIPL tweets this season has crossed a staggering 4.3 million and still counting. The most popular match in terms of the number of tweets was the scintillating final group game between Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals.

Most Popular IPL Teams on Twitter (based on no. of followers)

Most popular IPL team

Most Popular IPL Players on Twitter (based on no. of followers)

Most popular IPL players

Top Teams with maximum mentions and related tweets

Team Mentions and tweets

If an annual cricketing event like IPL can drive such an extent of social media engagement, with the FIFA WC 2014 just round the corner, it will be interesting to keep a tab on how social media revolutionizes the experience of a FIFA World Cup, one of the biggest sporting extravaganza on the planet after the Olympics. Undoubtedly, social media will be playing umpteen times a bigger role, but the question is “how big”?

Social Beat masti time with 288 pani puris !!

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Social Beat Pani Puri Masti

Team outing. Competition. Unlimited Pani Puri. What more can you ask for one hell of a fun time? After a hectic day at work, all 15 of us went to Shree Mithai to unwind in style. And what a way to do it J

In a similar competition last year, the team had finished at 140 panipuris with Abhishek winning it with 35 panipuris at one go. This time, the team racked up an even amazing number – 288 pani puris altogether though the defending champion disappointed us with his tally of just 18. Mohan won the competition hands down with 42 pani puris and was eager for more. The “humble-in-victory” Mohan said – “I can easily cross 100. I just need someone to compete with me”. It was heartening to see the dare-devilry of the comrades participating.

“This is the best self-exploration exercise for me till date, far better than any Robin Sharma books I read. 😛 The contest made me realize that I am capable of having 19 Pani Puris at a stretch. :D”, chirps Meenakshi.

Ekta adds in jest – “I saw that the competitive spirit & the passion to win makes you go that extra mile… After all, if it is about pani puris, who wouldn’t wanna binge eat? Burrrpppp!!! (I just had a dozen of them)”

Watch this space to see what our team has been upto. Wait, how can we end it without applauding Shree Mithai. Although Mohan was the winner, but the biggest winner undoubtedly was Shree Mithai since we ordered 48 plates!!

Mobile Responsive Web Design: 10 Indian websites that are not mobile responsive

Reading Time: 3 minutes


Mobile Responsive Web Design: 10 Indian websites that are not mobile responsive


At a networking meet last week, I was not surprised to hear a couple of interesting questions thrown around. Some of them which I got hold of, are as follows:

  • Does your company have a mobile website?
  • Do we need a responsive website as we already have a mobile website in place?
  • We are not an e-commerce company so is a mobile responsive website critical for us?

Firstly, let me start off with the difference between the mobile website and a mobile responsive website.

A mobile responsive website design means that no matter what the screen size is, the content always optimizes for the corresponding screen size. Thus, the website can be viewed using any device with any screen size like mobile, tablet, etc. This eliminates the need for cumbersome panning or resizing the website when viewing on different devices.

Alternatively, a mobile website means that you have a separate entity built for a specific devices’ screen size only. Try opening it in a differently-sized device and you would immediately want to check out other competitors in the industry with a better user-friendly website rather than suffering anxiety, eye-strain and blood pressure trying to work your way through the website.

This inspired me to have a look at the Indian companies that do not have a mobile-responsive website and I was pretty surprised to see that a lot of the big names also, do not have an optimized mobile web strategy. Some of them are discussed below:

  1. Pantaloons
    Pantaloons Pantaloons
  2. Mom & Me Mom & Me Mom & Me
  3. Groffr Groffr Groffr
  4. Apple India Apple India Apple India
  5. Tata Docomo Tata Docomo Tata Docomo
  6. Shoppers Stop Shoppers Stop Shoppers Stop
  7. Café Coffee Day ccd Ccd
  8. TCStcs Tcs
  9. Reliance Communications RCom RCom
  10. Groupon Groupon Groupon

The advantages of moving to a responsive web design are many, right from getting mobile traffic to your website to making the website adaptive to the future devices. There are companies that do have dedicated apps but again, not everyone is expected to have the app installed on their device. Instead, a responsive website can allow them to browse without frills. Companies can either opt to brace up for the future or be ready to lose up to half of their traffic in the future in the absence of a mobile responsive web design.

Feel free to reach out to us in case of any feedback or comments at team@socialbeat.in.


Basics of Google Adwords – What you need to know before your first campaign

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Google Adwords is a powerful online advertising tool that helps people find a business at the precise moment they are searching for the product/service that the business offers. Every business can use Google Adwords to grow their reach and achieve their business goals which may be to generate leads or enhance sales.

Below you can find a slideshare presentation on the basics of Google Adwords and what one needs to know before starting their first Pay Per Click campaign. This has been made from practical experience of multiple team members at Social Beat (a Google Partner).

Basics of Google Adwords – What you need to know before your first campaign from Social Beat

Ad Types

Google Adwords offers a whole range of ad types to choose from depending on the objective of the campaign.  Ad types include plain text ads for the search network on desktops & mobile phones, text or image ads for the Google Display Network (GDN), Product-listing ads and Search, display and In-stream video ads on YouTube. Prior to running a campaign, it is important to understand each type and how they function.

Keyword Research

Keyword research forms the basis of an Ad campaign on the search network. The keywords must be specific and include all possibilities and variations keeping in mind the interests of the target audience. A clear understanding of the keyword types – Broad match, modified broad match, phrase match and exact match and using the right mix of them in a campaign is essential to building a successful campaign. It is also important to carry out research for your negative keywords (not sure what negative keywords are? Watch out for our next blog post on the same)

Ad creation

Similar keywords would need to be grouped together to form different Ad groups and then multiple ads would have to be created for each group. For example, for a dental clinic they Ad Groups could be Dentist, Dental Clinic, Dental Care, Orthodontic Treatment etc. These might seem similar from a business perspective, but from a search and Adwords perspective they need to be broken down into separate Ad Groups.

The quality of these ads is of paramount importance as these will attract the user to click on them and get to your website. There are a number of rules to be followed and techniques to be learnt. One interesting technique, which helps make the ad headline appear longer the 25-character limit when the ad is shown, is to add a full-stop at the end of the first line of the description. The ad must always include the key selling points and adding a keyword in the display URL would help enhance quality score.

Quality Score & Ad Rank

Quality score of an ad takes into account the expected Click Through Rate (CTR), Ad relevance and the Landing Page experience. Keywords need to be optimized to enhance Quality Score which will eventually impact the Ad rank (which is the Quality Score multiplied by the CPC bid). A good understanding of ad rank and quality score is essential to running a good campaign.

Once the campaign is up and running, improving it and optimizing it is a continuous process and involves managing bids, refining keywords based on conversions and adapting ads based on their response.

Are you ready to run your first campaign? Have any questions? Feel free to drop them below and we’d be glad to answer them.

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