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Social Beat gets mention in Financial Express on Diwali

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Social Beat got coverage in Financial Express today on an article talking about how Diwali 2013 has been for e-retailers. As we mentioned in the article, the festive season this could could be better. While companies are offering discounts and freebies in the hope that the next two weeks are better in terms of a revenue uptick, the overall sentiment has been low.

You can read the full article in Financial Express: Dazzling deals from e-tailers this Diwali

Dazzling deals from e-tailers this Diwali 2013 in India

Digital Analytics Course from Google

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Google launched a course on Digital Analytics earlier this month for analysts and digital marketers to understand the fundamentals of digital analytics. The course includes expert video tutorials on digital measurement landscape and descriptions of key concepts, terminologies and analysis techniques. It has 6 units in total and each unit has 4 chapters on an average. In addition to the tutorials, each chapter has exclusive resources from digital analytics evangelists for more detailed knowledge and reference. Also, each chapter is available in the text version as PDF files to download and read later.

Google Analytics

There are short quizzes and practice exercises at the end of each chapter and a final assessment once you complete all six units. On clearing the final assessment, you will be awarded with a certificate from the Analytics Academy of Google. Find out the certificate of Vikas Chawla, the Co-Founder of Social Beat to know how exactly it looks like.

Course Certificate

The course is open till Oct 30th, 2013. You can take up the final assessment any time before that in order to receive the certificate of completion. After 30th October, the content will still be available on the website of analytics academy for future learning.

If you have doubts on the course or need assistance in understanding the lessons, you can visit their Community page to join in group discussions with fellow learners and analytics experts from Google.

Begin Learning

Seminar on Social Media by IFCCI

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The Indo-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s southern chapter organized a seminar on “Social Networks – Find a new and profitable way to enhance your brand equity, consumer loyalty and your sales” today at The Leela Palace, Chennai.

Suneil Chawla, the Co-Founder of Social Beat and Alexandre Dorso, the Production Manager of KRDS conducted the seminar and moderated the panel discussion which had interesting insights and facts on various Social Media platforms.

View Slideshare on Seminar on Social Media by Social Beat at Indo France Chamber, Chennai from Social Beat

10 Free Apps for Productivity, Social Media & SEO

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Social Media is the buzz word driving brands across the world. With countless number of tools available to monitor, manage and analyze the social media activity of your fans, you might feel like wandering in a forest. In this article, we present you the hand-picked apps that are tailor-made for social media analysts and content marketers.

Also, we have been endlessly reading articles and research columns on either “SEO is dead” or “Is SEO dead?” from reputed writers. On the other hand, the myriad number of apps to optimize and efficiently use SEO is being launched day in and day out. SEO is not dead, at least for now.


When Gmail is opened, the most boring part on your screen is the right hand side panel. How about changing it into an interactive social media profile of the person to whom you want to send mail? That’s exactly how Rapportive works. As you type the e-mail ID of the person in the “To” field, you can see the recipient’s social media profiles in the right hand side panel of your screen.


Rapportive Rapportive

Rapportive works with your Gmail inbox to give you near-instant rich contact information for almost everyone you want to reach. It is head and shoulders above any other Gmail add-in and a must-have for marketers. If you want more reasons to substantiate the efficiency of Rapportive, here is one – Paul Buchheit, the creator of GMAIL has been funding this start-up.


Do you believe in Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote “Time is money”? If yes, Boomerang is all yours. It is the best time management app available for Gmail.


Boomerang Boomerang

You can schedule your emails for a future date, create a reminder for a mail to pop up on top of the inbox just before you leave for a movie (to take print-out of the ticket) or a meeting (to recollect the agenda) and the best feature about Boomerang is that it alerts you when someone doesn’t respond to your email after a specific timeframe (you can set that). No better app offers response tracking as good as Boomerang.

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

As I write this, Yoast has been downloaded over 6.4 million times and the rating out of 5 stands at 4.7, which is extraordinary by any yardstick. If you could choose only one WordPress plug-in for your website, the first would be from Yoast and so would the second. This one sets the standard.

Open Graph tags and managing Google Authorship are the two best features of Yoast. The former helps the posts from your website look appealing when someone shares it across Facebook or Twitter and the latter reduces your effort significantly to complete Google authorship. Get it right away.


It’s an easy A/B testing and analytics tool to help you move toward success in your CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) efforts. See if you have mulled over these questions.

While working on new designs for your website’s landing page, have you ever had hunches about how the visitors will welcome the effort? Will the new-look show way to an uptick in site traffic? What would be the conversion rate?

Optimizely answers all the above questions in a simple manner one could comprehend.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms site says “Over half a million wordpress sites use Gravity Forms.” That’s a testament to its productivity. With Gravity Forms, you can create complex and powerful contact forms for your website without any fuss.


Gravity Forms Gravity Forms

It provides a simple drag and drop feature to create and customize forms with conditional logic fields. As the name suggests, Gravity Forms doesn’t stop with just support, order and contact forms creation. It also allows launching quick surveys and creating polls instantaneously. Site-building is no more a drudging task when you have Gravity Forms.


It is one of the best task management web apps available. Its best features include nested lists, tagging keywords (for better compilation) and implementation of brainstorming. Even when writing this article, it’s become inevitable for me to switch tabs to reach out to WorkFlowy to recall my thought-process. The UI is neat, quick and responsive enough for one to engage.


WorkFlowy WorkFlowy

Be it note-making, jotting a list of ideas for your blog or planning an event, WorkFlowy makes your job easier than never before. It works offline too for iOS users. If you master a few keyboard shortcuts, task management is a cakewalk forever.


Trello is basically a more optimized version of WorkFlowy, taking list-making to the next level. It is the best and easy-to-use project management app available. If you want to collaborate with your team members for a particular project and assign specific tasks to everyone, Trello is the answer.


Trello Trello

Trello is all about boards, lists and cards. You can organize your projects in boards, assign and organize topics in lists and arrange individual tasks in the lists as cards. You can add check lists, assign due dates and also attach PDF files up to 10MB in the attachment tab. Make it your default project management app for better collaboration with the team.


It is probably the best online image editing tool available for content creators and designers. If you’re ignorant about Adobe Photoshop, it is the go-to tool to design images in an effortless manner. It is chocked up with various image editing options and manipulation tools to create images on the go.


Pixlr Pixlr

It comes with three versions – Pixlr Omatic, Pixlr Express and Pixlr Editor – in which Pixlr Editor is nothing but photoshop made easy. Pixlr Express offers amazing image adjustments, filters, overlay and borders all in an easy-to-navigate interface which makes it the best among the three.

Social Mention

It is a real-time social media search and analysis web tool. It brings together the content generated across the web in an orderly fashion. It divides your keyword search into four categories namely strength, passion, sentiment and reach.


Social Mention Social Mention

Strength is measured using the phrase mentions and sentiment is assessed using the ratio between positive to negative mentions. Reach is the most crucial feature since it measures the ratio between the number of unique users to the total number of mentions. it is the best tool to analyze your brands’ social media activity.

Customised Google Maps

Google’s acquisition of ‘Where 2 Technologies’ will go down in history as one of the remarkable leaps in data visualization. What started as a simple C++ program almost a decade back has turned everyone of us into cartographers in our own right, thanks to Google’s extraordinary vision.


With Google Maps Engine, one can create customized maps with their own references and collate your areas of interest before planning a vacation. You can also upload data source in excel formats to visualize the same on maps, share organized maps with your friends and compare the maps that you have already created. To conclude, Google Maps Engine has made cartography easier and lively for everyday users.

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