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57 % Growth in Monthly Organic Traffic and 132% Growth in Monthly Organic Revenue- Case Study in D2C

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With the advent of the digital era, businesses have shifted to the virtual space and content marketing is now at the crux of all brand-building endeavours. Be it product descriptions, guides, awareness content, blogs or visual creatives, with an ocean of content at the disposal of your consumers, how exactly do you highlight your brand’s name?

Content marketing is an aspect of the digital marketing ecosystem that if leveraged properly, can help build a brand’s entire identity by shaping how consumers perceive it.

But most importantly, it can help bolster your presence in the digital world by building a brand’s authority, through improved SERP rankings and increased visibility for relatable search queries.

Wakefit, a former mattress-producing brand reached out to us at Social Beat with an objective to not just increase organic traffic to their website and generate organic revenue, but also restructure their brand identity into a home-solutions providing brand.

From Sweet Dreams to Adding Life to Homes!

Having established an identity in the mattress industry, the biggest challenge we faced was to introduce and establish them in the niche of household solutions. So, how do you compete with brands like Pepperfry and UrbanLadder who were already established as leaders with good authority on SERPs?

This is where our SEO and content marketing strategies were pivotal game-changers for Wakefit! 

We performed analytical competitor surveys to pinpoint major differences and opened up scopes that could be leveraged to outrank them. We did this by curating engaging content rendered with extensive keyword research and interlinking and backlinking that helped add credibility to Wakefit’s website content.

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Major Pillars to Restructure Wakefit’s SERP Rankings for ‘Home-Solutions’ queries

We leveraged long-form and short-form content to spread awareness about the brand’s latest slew of products and services:

  • Blogs and Pillars:

We curated 36 new blogs and 24 new pillars/guides centred around sleep, home wellness and decor categories. Each content piece was induced with seamlessly occurring keywords and relevant interlinks to create an organic web for latching on to viewers and driving them from the awareness funnel to the consideration funnel.

  • Frontloading Page Optimizations:

Once taken live, each content piece was monitored minutely for their performance and optimized and hyperoptimized to morph them into their best versions. We frontloaded product pages and category pages after optimizing them with the newest scope and added a section for frequently asked questions. These FAQ sections opened up opportunities for us to leverage SEO best practices and helped these pages rank for related search queries on the SERP.

Our content marketing strategies brought about favourable results in less than 7 months of implementation by outranking major competitors like Pepperfry and Urban Ladder. 

Have a look at some major targets that our campaigns pulverized:

  • 57 % growth in monthly organic traffic and 132% growth in monthly organic revenue (July 2021 vs Feb 2022)
  • We raised the overall number of monthly snippets by 112%
  • While the monthly organic traffic for optimized blogs increased by 105% we generated a 594% increase in the monthly organic revenue.
  • Monthly optimised pillars enjoyed a 40% increase in organic traffic while bringing in a 129% boost in revenue generated organically.
  • We enjoyed 11264 newfound organic sessions thanks to about 50%of the pillar pages ranking in the top 5 positions on SERP.

Our endeavours were also recognised at the Content Marketing Summit Asia 2022 as the Best Content Marketing Strategy (2021-22).


CMS award for WakeFit - SocialBeat

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Arjun Vaidya to Mentor D2Scale- a D2C Center of Excellence Initiated by Social Beat

Reading Time: 2 minutes

D2Scale is excited to have a new guiding figure in Arjun Vaidya who is going to mentor and groom them into becoming leaders in the D2C niche! He will be working with the core pillars of Social Beat’s D2C centre of excellence and guiding them through his extensive experience and accomplished success in building India’s biggest Ayurvedic online brand, Dr Vaidya’s, from scratch.

Arjun Vaidya is a D2C founder and investor who currently leads Venture investing for Verlinwest. Having amassed great experience in India’s consumer market as well as angel investing, he has now started mentoring numerous brands in the Start-up ecosystem.

But how exactly did he come up with the idea of building a market for the age-old teachings of Ayurveda? Well, it all started during his undergrad at the Brown Univesity where he witnessed a revolution pivoting around natural and organic products.

Moving forward, the sudden upsell of yoga into a multi-billion dollar industry manifested an opportunity for him to introduce and amplify the reach of Ayurveda amongst the newfound modern audience.  

With the seed of opportunity already sowed in his mind, he learnt the ins and outs of the Indian E-Commerce market and this played a pivotal role in establishing and scaling Dr Vaidya’s, into the leading Ayurvedic solutions brand online.  

With regard to his new role, Arjun said, “Social Beat’s D2C centre of excellence- D2Scale is a budding initiative that has already started making splashes in the marketing world. I am glad to be a part of their journey and am looking forward to bolstering their upscale. Having witnessed the advent of the e-commerce niche in India closely, I aim to share all my experience and knowledge in this field to help realize D2Scale’s ambitions of being the D2C leader.”

Co-Founder, Suneil Chawla said, “Arjun is a highly celebrated success story in the D2C world and we look towards learning and growing exponentially under his mentorship. We are really ecstatic to have him accompany us on this journey and guide us through every single nook and cranny of the D2C map.”

Arjun Vaidya was the first Ayurvedic entrepreneur to be accoladed with the Forbes 30 under 30 and 40 under 40 lists. He is also a world economic Global shaper, a Mentor at AIM and runs a podcast that runs by the name Direct to a Billion Consumers and guides his audiences through India’s FMCG ecosystem.

We look forward to a great learning experience with Arjun and are eager to augment our D2C campaigns under his guidance!

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