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Vernacular videos for brand awareness – A case study

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Ashok Leyland is a pioneer in the commercial vehicle space and is the 12th largest manufacturer of trucks and 4th largest manufacturer of buses in the world. Below is a case study of a video campaign we executed for them.


Being one of the leading manufacturers of trucks in the nation, Ashok Leyland wanted to honour and express their gratitude towards truck drivers for their love, support and unrelenting efforts. The brand was looking for an engaging video with an emotional connection to celebrate the true unsung heroes this Diwali. The objective was to bring out the fact that it is because of the tireless efforts of these truck drivers that the entire world can celebrate Diwali with great pomp and gaiety.

Our approach

Since a majority of the target group for Ashok Leyland are small business owners from the tier 2 and tier 3 cities of the nation, we took up a multilingual approach for better reach. Affordable data plans and drop in the prices of smartphones has led to an increase in consumption of vernacular content.  In this regard, adopting a multilingual marketing strategy is crucial as it has enormous power to influence the next billion internet users in India.  Since most of the truck drivers communicate in regional languages, we recommended a Hindi vox-pop video as the best medium due to its engaging and interactive nature. Hence, the video “Diwali Ke Asli hero Kaun Hai?” was born. As part of this vox-pop digital marketing campaign, people were questioned about various aspects of their Diwali celebrations. They were also asked to guess the people who worked continuously without taking a day off even for Diwali. The most common responses of the people were soldiers, doctors, milk vendors and security guards. Few respondents spoke about the role of truck drivers in transporting raw materials from various production hubs. Due to its conversational nature, the video was extremely powerful in recognising the valuable contributions of the truck drivers towards nation building.

The Reach

“Diwali Ke Asli hero Kaun hai?” was promoted on all the major social networking channels of Ashok Leyland with the hashtag #YehDiwaliBadiNirali. This was also one of the most trending vernacular vox-pop videos of 2018.  The video garnered over 2.5 lakh views across platforms with 3.1K comments and 400+ shares. Another highlighting feature of this video is that it was extremely successful in tapping the emotional chord of the audience. The viewers were enlightened on how happiness reaches them with the help of these truck drivers. The campaign has greatly uplifted Ashok Leyland into a socially responsible brand by throwing a positive light on the company and portraying it as a goodwill ambassador of its stakeholders.

These numbers are proof that multilingual marketing is the way to go. The reach of vernacular content and interactive nature of videos go hand-in-hand in widening your audience and telling your brand story. For more tips on how to rank your videos, read our in-depth article: YouTube SEO Tips: The Secret Sauce to Ranking Your Videos in 2019.

My Internship Experience At Social Beat : Mansi Paun

Reading Time: 2 minutes

I have been a part of the Social Beat team for 3 months now and I couldn’t have been happier about my decision to intern with them. I’m thankful to them for giving me the amazing opportunity of working with them, the experience has helped me gain extended
knowledge on Digital Marketing and all its counterparts. I want to thank my mentor Ishita, who has been an amazing guide who has helped me throughout my time here. Any doubts or clarifications I need, she is always quick to help me with the same. I also want to thank Natasha
and Sahitya as they have been as engaging as the rest of the team and have guided me through various processes. The three of them have really helped me grow personally and professionally.

Social Beat in all continues to be a diverse experience. There is something new I get to learn everyday. Be it Facebook Ads, Blog Writing, Online Relationship Management or the many other things I have had a chance to learn have made this journey worth every second. I have
also had the chance to attend various training sessions which include Basics of Web, Tik Tok Marketing, Facebook Ads, How To Make Successful Campaigns among others. These sessions have been extremely insightful and have helped me become more efficient with my
work on a daily basis. Social Beat also gave me opportunities to tap into my creative side as well, with interesting Paint Parties, Origami Sessions and Storytelling Sessions that go in line with the theme learning made fun. The entire team at Social Beat has been welcoming and I could not have asked for a better first internship. Being a part of the Game Nights, Chit Chat Sessions, Weekly Results and Goals, Birthday Celebrations, Farewells and especially the 7th Anniversary Celebrations have been some amazing moments for me. The culture and value that holds them together makes you want to be a part of it and pushes you to be better in every way. For this and for many other things I’m extremely grateful as I’m now one step closer to being the person I have always wanted to be and Social Beat has played a huge part in it.

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